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Supply Chains and Niches!

The great majority of Miami Cart installations start with the basic package. At that point right out of the box you have a complete online storefront and a great online shopping cart. Now comes the big question. Sell what? If you have a product in mind, you have overcome a major hurdle. If not, dropship with supply chain dropshipping may be an answer.

You were probably drawn to this website by the offer of a free shopping cart. Now you may be surprised to learn that there is much more to starting a business. For example the need for supply chain management, drop shipping and product acquisition. You may not have a need for supply chain or dropshipping but you must face product acquisition. Americans love to buy at discount or wholesale pricing. It is our nature in a capitalist society. That means that you must have products people need or want and in addition the price must be right. No matter what you offer at any price point, someone will try to sell it cheaper or come up with a version that is close but not quite what you offer. It's called competition. Get ready for it.

When you open a retail store, you have 2 choices: to stock inventory, or not. You can buy products maybe in bulk, pack them, and ship them to your customers when you generate sales. OR, you can find a wholesale distributor who will warehouse the item for you and ship individual items directly to your customer. . A distributor who drop ships will provide your company with a wholesale price for products that you mark up and sell to a customer. They ship these items diractly to your customer. No handling the product. Investment in inventory is costly. Drop shipping allows your company to focus on marketing the business and eliminates the hassle, time, and cost of dealing with the actual products you are selling.

Supply Chains
We can supply you with free dropshipping companies. Dropship companies that do not charge a fee to buy from them. There are also some very good dropshippers who do charge a fee and carry some hot selling products. But the most important advice is,
"Find A Niche". Instead of selling many products, sell a good product line that people want and exploit it to the limit.
An example niche could be selling fishing/hunting supplies. With a focus on items that "float". That's right "float". Or stick-ons that make an item float in water. The idea is find a niche and exploit it. How about selling e-books? The niche is romance for example. Lot's of women will buy torrid romance novels on the web because they are embarassed to buy them in a bookstore. Think about it. The list goes on.

VERY IMPORTANT! There is no magic formula and you cannot sit back and watch the money roll in. A successful online entrepreneur is always developing a marketing strategy, maintaining a customer base, developing partnership relations, and constantly looking to expand. With some organization and the right tools, you can build a successful business.

- Professional Design
When we say Supercharged we mean it. Check out these features.
Then try to find them in any other shopping cart. You will be back. Guaranteed.

- Easy navigation
Proven shopping carts that are easy to navigate. Robust, user friendly software.
Suitable for use with PayPal Gateway and eBay Auctions.

- DropShipping - Supply Chain Economics
Optionally receive contacts for companies that are auction dropshippers. Some have fees and others do not. Varied, product wholesale providers. Open your own accounts and populate your shopping cart.

- Database shopping cart
Uses a mysql database which allows you to import your product data from an Excel Spreadsheet or an Access database. Or export data to QuickBooks. Transfer to our free shopping cart and save money, Click Here

- Automatic tax and shipping calculations
Tax only customers from your tax zone. Show real time shipping rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL or flat rate by weight or order total.

- Specials and discount functions
Putting products on special and offering discounts helps increase sales. The free shopping cart offers special discount and pricing options. Just set the start and end date for special sales and offers and the cart takes care of displaying them. Then reverts to standard pricing when the sale is over.

- Built-In meta tag controller
Lets you set meta keywords, descriptions and page titles automatically for all your website product pages. Instructs GoogleBot. Increases your SEO page ranking. Coupled with our SEO knowhow, your page rank will skyrocket!

- Dropdowns, CheckBoxes and Radio Buttons
Offering product color, size, materials Etc. helps increase sales. The free shopping cart makes it easy for your customers to order.

- One-Of-a-Kind Products
Your product displays while in stock. Once sold it no longer is displayed for sale.
Allows selling unique one of a kind items. You can re-activate from admin if desired.

- Supported Merchant Accounts
AuthorizeNet, iPayment, NOCHEX, PayPal, 2Checkout, PSI Gate, SecPay, LinkPoint and Verisign Pay Flow Link. Other methods include C.O.D, Check/MoneyOrder and Credit Card info for processing later.

- Unlimited products
This includes all the products you sell. No Limit.

- Personalized Items Using TextBoxes
Example - You sell personalized pet ID tags that has the pet's name and phone number on it. Or you sell pens with inscriptions. Try our demo and order the Personalized Coffee Mug to see it in action. The shopping cart is supercharged.

- Download After Payment
Example - You want your customers to download E-Books or software after paying for them. You control the expiration and amount of downloads that are available. This shopping cart is supercharged.

- Get It Now
Just call (386) 738 3080 to get this free shopping cart. You will be very happy.

The More You Read -
The more amazing It Gets

We have taken a "Good" open source shopping cart and turned it into a "Killer" application. Whether you call or email us, you can begin your new business of selling on the internet. Your package contains a complete storefront website and shopping cart combined. You have full control of everything through your admin panel. We or you can install many features. 3100 extra features are available. You decide on the policies for your store. You can sell unlimited number of products with options like color, size and different prices. You can send email specials to your customers with a simple click of a button. The main benefit is the ability to set up your store the way you want it.

Over fifty million orders processed since 1995.
Is your business unusual in some respect? Tell us about it.
We answer all Email within 2 hours.
Call Tech Support for more details - Six Days.

So easy to use. Just open your Admin panel and add products. Name of product, a description and price and your free shopping cart is ready to use. Call for a free 30 day trial.
Orlando/Daytona Beach, Florida
Hours 9 to 9 EST
Tech Support and Questions - (386) 738 3080

Tech Support Phone # 1 (386) 738 3080

We Operate Shopping Cart Servers in 26 Cities Nationwide

Atlanta, Bethesda, Boston, Casper, Chicago, El Paso, Dallas, Dayton, Daytona Beach, Denver, Detroit
Fargo, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Macon, Malibu, Miami, Nashville, New York, Orlando, Richmond
San Jose, Seattle, Tacoma, Toronto, Washington DC

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